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Post by TravisCM2010-23 on Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:40 pm

Although I might not do alot of these rofl. But right now im bored and its raining soooooo on we go. ANYWAY thoughts about the cast:

Pairs I expect to do well/maybe win/ones to watch out for:

Alco-Holocaust & mercuzo: From what I have heard Mercuzo is amazing at challenges and I know Alco is. These two are huge threats together but I could see them winning every veto they'd ever need so it might not even end up mattering lmao(One reason I don't like Big Brother as much Razz)

A-Supreme & StraightLoonz: Someone in the main thing said these two can't be around late but they are just so likeable I would be shocked if they leave. Although people should want them out honestly sense I see them running the game if people don't stop them early.

Angel_Of_Purgatory & KristenBellfan09 & Alaina-24 & CaptainJimmy18: I guess I really can say the same thing for both these pairs I think they compliment thmeselves well. Jimmy/Shay can bring the hard-core strategic side and Angel/Alaina from what I hear are both super nice so they will be able to get lots of allies on their side. I think both these pairs will cover up each others weaknesses and make an overall strong team.

Middle of the road: Most of these I only know 1 player on each team rofl.

Arik_the_Amazing & Mikey_Elite: Appears to already be in trouble. I know Arik is really good but I haven't seen Mikey play enough to know for sure.

reid_alexa & imsexyniknowit: Both strong individually, but I don't know how successful their partnership will be? I sorta see it falling apart but I hope i'm wrong and they do well.

DanielB204 & DDTea: This pair makes perfect sense as they are both straight up nice people but also dangerous when they try. I really think they'll do great. Just sometimes the game becomes too much for Kevin so he needs to really WANT this one bad to succeed. That being said I sorta hope he doesnt become a gamebot or something  Laughing soo I don't know if I want him to go hard-core rofl

Spooky33 & SuperVixenXo: Both good when they try. But they don't always try, sooo It all comes down to how bad they want this one.

oiyref & tom_delonge_ava: Tom is the most hard-core player on the site in the sense that he'll do anything to win. BUT I have no idea if Oiyref is that good?

casaresanto & Iraheto: Another "I only know 1 of these players" pair. Iraheto can rock all 3 game aspects, But I don't know Casaresanto that well though.

Cherry_is_Shameless & DubyaCeeDubya:
Cherry knows how to get in good with everyone. And Willl...well he's apparently changed from how he used to be so I guess we'll see if thats true or not :/

Probably won't win:

Mrduckbear & realitytvfreak2:
honestly Duck is awesome. He's just genuinely nice. But I have no idea if he will be able to keep up with all the big names in this cast and isn't RTF inactive historiacally? So it might not look good for them. I hope i'm wrong though because it would be hilarious to see them succeed.

I think overall whoever wins this game will be the pair that just wants it more, since with so many big names I think this game is gonna be drama filled, and I for see lots of people folding under the pressure lol Especially since they have to rely on someone else O_O

I'm also curious how this game format would of worked as a Survivor game since Big Brother is so reliant on challenges, alot of teams can just win their way to safety. It would be interesting to see one done as a Survivor format where there's fewer places to hide  Question 

*If I say pear I mean pair I spelt it that way a bunch of times(oopsi) and i'm not 100% sure I fixed them all LOL

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Post by reid_alexa on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:17 pm

 reid_alexa & imsexyniknowit: Both strong individually, but I don't know how successful their partnership will be? I sorta see it falling apart but I hope i'm wrong and they do well.

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