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Post by reid_alexa on Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:25 pm

1. I guess you guys were lucky to boot us now before that happened lol.-Dan 
2.Peace N’ Blessinz
3. LOL I said good job bitch-Javi
4. I guess the silence answers my question or either you’ve realized you inserted your foot into your mouth-Kim
5. It surprises me though that some people were begging for cherry to go in the first week and when she got put up they kept her lol-Dillon
6. That’s prob why he said almost no one you dumbass- Spooky
7. Whoever was the third vote let me know, got some love to give ya-Alco
8. Can I change sex for free so I don’t get eliminated? -Andre
9. I have been busy! Wish I could have been around for the first couple challenges, good luck guys-Justin
10. "What a strike, Jerry, I think he's down for the count!”-Mercuzo
11. "Bye Kevin and Taylor, sorry you never really got to play much kevin.-Shay

12. Thank you baby. I make him look good- DDTea


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